Why do you want to go to school to become a security guard?

The need for attending Security Guard Training Classes

It is common among many people think if undergoing Security Guard Classes is imperative, as there are many private companies ready to offer the job without any prior or enough experience, training or licensing. However, if you are serious about working in a large experienced and public organization with good packages, then it becomes essential to undergo the training classes and obtain the Security Guard Certification or license issued by the state.

Anyone with high school diploma education continued education in law enforcement or criminal justice can apply for the security guard training. However, it is wise checking with the institution you are approaching Security Guard Classes to ensure the required qualification. Additional hours of training course more important for those who want to become an armed security guard.

Who is Eligible for Security Guard Education?

The fundamental eligibility to undergo Security Guard Training Classes are:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must be eligible to work in the USA
  • You must have a clean criminal record without any convictions
  • You must have taken private investigator or security guard basic training
  • You must have passed the security guard basic test
  • You must be in good physical and mental health
  • You must hold a school diploma certificate or equivalent

What do you learn from the Security Guard Training Classes?

The security guard has many responsible duties to perform, including maintaining security, enforce the regulation, standards of conduct, protect the property and people and many more.

The security guards work in various work environments such as in hotels, retail stores, banks, hospitals, schools, government buildings, private companies and many more. Moreover, the surveillance officers will work in places like casinos and legal gaming facility centers.

If you are aspiring to work in higher paying jobs, then obtaining your Security Guard Certification is necessary.  Remember, the Security Guard Education is emphasized by many top security firms while they recruit security guards.

What Security Guard Courses Consist?

The formal security guard education in the Security Guard School will train the security guards:

  • How to use the surveillance equipment and advanced devices
  • How to work in the casino like workplace
  • Formal training is provided to armed guards to handle the weapons
  • Self-defense is taught to all security guards
  • Use of law enforces

Besides these training, the security guards will also have to pass the written examination along with the firearms and first aid tests. They must pass all these tests and obtain the certification issued by the U.S General Services Administration.

Although the law is common across The US for the security guard training and licensing, it varies with the states according to the population, development of the state and another environment.

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