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industrial-security-guard-services-250x250 Security guard training in Texas – Eligibility Criteria to Meet For Security Guard License in Texas

With the rapid growth of various sectors, the need for security guards in states like Texas has increased tremendously. The security industry is experiencing a growth in recent years of about 8% to 10% every year. The opportunities for talented and qualified security guards are very high with good pay.

Security guards in Texas have various roles to perform like;

  • Guarding parks
  • Private company properties
  • Public patrol
  • Control crowd
  • General supervision
  • Write reports to manager / supervisor and more

Security guards work in various sectors like schools, colleges, heath care institutions or hospitals, government organizations, manufacturing industries, parking areas and more.

Importance of Texas security guard training:

Although a security guard can work in private companies or small organizations without a need for a valid license, it is imperative to hold to get employed in large companies with high pay.

The Texas security guard license gets you a good recognition to work as a professional security guard and get the permit to hold weapons during your duty hours.

A trained and licensed security guard can expect about $25,700 per annum and a growth by 23% every year.

Requirements for Security Guard Training in Texas:

 The applicant must meet the guidelines established by the Private Security Bureau of the State of Texas. These guidelines are for both unarmed and armed security guards and they are;

  • Must be the citizen of the USA and resident of Texas
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must complete 30 hours of training
  • Must have high school diploma or GED
  • Must not have convicted of felony in past 20 years (Class A misdemeanor)
  • Must not have committed fraudulent in past 5 years or Class B misdemeanor
  • Must pass FBI-style background check
  • Must have passed drug screen

In addition to attending the Texas security guard training program, you must also be employed or in the process of employment by a licensed security company.

There are still two options to choose among after you are employed by a security company and undergoing security guard training Texas.

 They include;

  1. Send application manually along with supplemental documents by mail to:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Private Security Bureau
5806 Guadalupe, Building I
Austin, Texas 78752

  1. Visit, PSB Website, http://dps.texas.gov/index.htm to apply online

You may need to pay fees for the security guard license Texas application and background check.

You can also take the assistance of Texas security training academy, which can help you easily fill your security guard application, trained and obtain the license quickly.

On submission of application form, it may take at least 4 to 6 week’s time to get your registration.

You can also visit, http://www.securityguardpedia.com

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