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security_guard_2Requirements for Security Guard Training and License
Located in the western region of the United Sates, Utah is the 33rd populous state experiencing rapid growth in every sector including tourism, mining, IT and Health. With the fast growth in the economy and increase in the population, the role and need for security industry is increasing hugely. There is a huge opportunity for the deserved candidates to get security guard jobs Utah.

Security guard jobs Profile in Utah:

Security guard training Utah is provided by many states recognized institutions. They also guide in getting your Utah security guard license issued by the state.

The opportunities for security guards in Utah are plentiful. There is an increase in the requirement for security guard by 10% every year. Moreover, security guards in Utah can expect to work in various fields and perform different responsibilities with various roles or designations. Over 5700 candidates are employed in Utah every year as security guards.

Some of the common responsibilities of the security guards are;

• Control the crowd in any public places or in the premises or company where you are employed
• Work as a personal bodyguard
• Work in large shopping malls, hospitals, IT or corporate companies
• Patrolling large industrial area or warehouses to prevent theft and intrusion

As estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by holding a valid Utah security guard license, you can expect an annual income of over $25,700 with an average growth of 24%.

Security guard training Utah Requirements:

Both armed and unarmed security guards must attend the training program established by the state. They must further hold a valid license issued by the state to work in large companies or in public sectors with good remunerations. This security guard license, Utah must be renewed once in every two years to keep it valid and continue in the industry.

Some of the important requirements for security guard training in Utah are:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must pass 8 hour training
  • Must not have any felony convictions
  • Ready for fingerprint and background check
  • Must pass drug test
  • Must have good health in both physically and mentally
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Need to hold valid social security number
  • Keeping valid driver’s license is an another advantage
  • Must have good moral character

The curriculum for 8 hours security guard training in Utah includes subjects related to:

• Ethical issues
• Legal issues
• Legal use of force
• Managing the situation during an emergency
• Crowd control
• Prepare report
• Detainment of suspects
• Legal limits
• Writing report formally and more

Useful Information to obtain your security guard license Utah:

To know more about security guard training and how to obtain a license,

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For more information, read State of Utah Division of Occupational and Prof Licensing, visiting;

Or call to: 801-530-6628

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