Security Guard Training in Rhode-Island

Security Guard Training in Rhode Island – Requirements for Security Guard Licensing in Rhode Island

The security guards have the pivotal role to play to keep the environment safe and people scared. Rhode Island is one of the fastest growing states in the USA with all sectors developing rapidly. This has given rise to the need for professional security guards in Rhode Island. However, to get placed as a professional guard, it is imperative to obtain your Rhode Island Security Guard License.

Career as Security Guard in Rhode Island:

Security guards with valid Rhode Island Security License and employed in large organizations have a major role to play with huge responsibilities. They have the major responsibility to safeguard the premises from losses due to natural disasters, theft, criminal activities and many others. Their duties and role may differ with the company they are employed in like:

  • Investigating complaints, disturbances and violations
  • Monitoring alarm systems
  • Oversee work in progress and verify all security standards

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the growth of the security guard jobs is 10% in Rhode Island. A professional candidate with valid licensing can expect on an average of $24,800 as annual wage. However, this may vary with experience.

Requirements for Security Guard in Rhode Island:

To become a professional security guard in Rhode Island, there is a necessity to fulfill certain eligibility criteria. Here follows the eligibility requirements for security guards:

  • You must be at least 18 years for unarmed and 21 years of age for armed security licensing
  • You must be the resident of Rhode Island and citizen of the USA
  • You must have undergone the specified hours of Rhode Island Security Guard Training 
  • You must not have any felony convictions
  • You must be mentally and physically in good health
  • You must pass background check and submit fingerprints to the FBI
  • You must have good moral characters
  • Applicant for armed security guard must undergo extra hours of Security Guard Training in Rhode Island

The armed security guards in Rhode Island must get a weapon permit on completion of their Security Guard Training Rhode Island and they include:

  • Permit to carry concealed weapon
  • Must provide proof of firearms training
  • Must undergo additional background check

What does the Security Guard License Rhode Island Training Curriculum contain?

  • Legal aspects
  • Controlling crowds
  • Incident response
  • Role of private security
  • First aid overview
  • Security resources such as, documentation and surveillance operation
  • Customer service issues such as, addressing public and working with the public
  • Patrol and observation and more 

Useful Resources:

To help you know about security guard jobs and licensing in Rhode Island, here are some useful resources:
Rhode Island Rules and Regulations Regarding Security Guard Licenses

To gain more useful information about the armed and unarmed security guard training and licensing;

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