Security Guard Training in Oregon

How to Become Security Guard in Oregon?

The security industry in Oregon is growing with the growth of other sectors like IT companies, hospitals, and large private and public organizations. The need for trained and experienced security guards is increasing tremendously in Oregon. The requirements also high in residential apartments or gated communities and in commercial complexes like shopping malls and theaters.

If you have decided to choose your career as a security guard in Oregon, then you have taken the right decision!

Your Career as Security Guard in Oregon:

To become a professional security guard, a valid Oregon security license is required. The state emphasizes on the candidate to undergo formal security guard training Oregon to become qualified for the licensing. Both armed and unarmed security guards are required to hold a valid and appropriate Oregon security guard license.

The responsibilities of security guards would vary on the basis of your employer or environment you are employed in. However, some of the common responsibilities include:

• Control crowd
• Deal with public
• Monitor the premises and property
• Patrolling
• Authorize entrance to private areas
• Prevent theft and vandalism
• Report threats from dangerous weather or fire
• Monitor security equipment
• Prevent criminal activities
Your Career Prospect as Oregon Security Guard:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

• On an average about 7,180 persons are employed in Oregon as security guards
• A licensed security guard with appropriate training and experience can expect, $28,460 as salary per annul

What are the Basic Requirements for Oregon security guard training?

Armed or unarmed, you must strictly obtain the valid security guard license, Oregon before you work as the security guard. There are also some basic requirements to be fulfilled to become qualified for the security guard training Oregon.

Here follows the requirements to be fulfilled:

• You must be 18 years of age for unarmed security licensing and 21 years for armed security guard licensing
• You must be citizen of the USA and resident of Oregon
• You must not have felony convictions
• Must clear fingerprint and background checks
• Holding a valid driving license will add to your qualification
• You must complete 12 hours training as stated by the government in a certified institution
• You must have temporary work permit

Other Qualifications to undergo Oregon security guard training:

• You must be physically fit
• You must mentally healthy
• You must have moral characters
• You must have good communication skills
• You must be able to stand for long hours
• You must not be drug or alcohol dependence

Syllabus for Security guard training in Oregon:
The syllabus for security guard training in Oregon includes:

• Law and ethics
• How to deal in case of a medical emergency or fire
• How to detain suspects
• Roles of security guards
• Patrolling techniques and observation techniques
• Develop communication skills
• How to deal with public
• Preparing report

To know more about Oregon security guard training and licensing, Visit;

State of Oregon Fingerprint Card-

State of Oregon Web Site –

For more information:

Department of Public Safety Standards and Training,
4190 Aumsville Highway,
Salem, Oregon 97317.
Phone: 503-378-2100

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