Security Guard Training in New York

1806816Security guard training in New York – Become an Armed Security Guard with License

Security guard is the only job that requires no special schooling skills, besides offering you excellent career opportunity with growth. Security industry provides room to advance in your career and grow as you desire without any additional educational qualifications.

The security industry in New York is experiencing a growth of 10% every year, which in turn reflects that there are huge job opportunities available for candidates willing to become security guards.

New York, situated in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the USA is the 3rd most populous state. With the significant impact on various sectors like finance, research, technology, commerce, entertainment and education, the state is experiencing tremendous growth. The growth of all sectors and emergence of new large companies requires the support of the security industry to safeguard their properties and ensure high levels of security to their people. This implies that there is a requirement for huge numbers of security guards in New York.

Basic Requirements for security guard training NYC:

Although there are companies that require no specific or strong requirements for security guards to hold licenses, the need is still emphasized when it comes getting employed by large public and private organizations that demands high levels of security from the professionals.

In this array, if you are looking to enter into this ever growing security industry that has a good scope for your career, then you must obtain your valid NYC security guard license.

Unarmed or armed, there are some common basic eligibility requirements to be fulfilled before you attempt to apply for your New York state security guard license and they include:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must be the citizen of the USA and resident of New York state
  • You must pass FBI background check
  • You must submit your fingerprint through the L-1 Enrollment services
  • You must take 8- hour “pre-assignment’ security guard training in New York

You can apply for the training and New York state security guard certification to, the Department of State for Security Guard Registration Card.

What are the other Criteria to be fulfilled to Work as a Professional security guard training Albany NY?

Besides holding a Security Guard Registration Card to work as a security guard in a company, it is also imperative to complete additional 16 hours on-job training within 90 days of your employment.

Moreover, to keep your registration valid, it is essential to complete 8 hours additional maintenance training

Requirements for Armed security guard training NYC:

  • Must complete 8 hour Pre-assignment training and submit the certificate copy issued by the authority along with your security guard application
  • Must complete 16 hours on-job training within 90 days of employment. This training will teach you the duties of armed guards, requirements of the work site and needs of employers
  • Must possess a valid NYS Pistol Permit with security guard registration to enroll 47 hour firearms training
  • There is also a requirement for annual armed security guard training which include; 8 hour annual in-service training and 8 hours annual firearms training

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