Security Guard Training in New Jersey

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New Jersey is becoming the most preferred location for many people and companies from various industries to live and invest. With all industries experiencing excellent growth, the requirement for security industry is also emphasized. Most of the large corporate companies and organizations are in need for professional and licensed security guards.

If you have chosen your career as a security guard, then you have taken the right decision, as New Jersey will be the highest paying state for security guards in the USA, as the industry is experiencing an average growth of 10% every year.

So wait for nothing and start calling Security Guard Exchange Center, New Jersey right away!

The state requires candidates to hold a valid New Jersey security guard license. This will be one of the high paying states in the USA for the security guards.

Be it unarmed or armed security guard, you need to undergo the courses and training program established by the Security Guard Exchange, New Jersey to obtain your license.

Obtaining your security guard license New Jersey:

There are a few eligibility criteria to be fulfilled to apply for your security guard license in New Jersey. Besides, it is also imperative to register with the State of New Jersey through Superintendent before you are employed as a security guard.

Some eligibility criteria must be fulfilled before applying for the training and license are:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Applicant with previous experience becomes easily qualified
  • Must pass routine fingerprints and background checks
  • Must be citizen of USA and resident of New Jersey
  • Must complete 24 hour security guard training in New Jersey
  • Holding a valid driving license can increase your qualification

What does Security Guard Training New Jersey Course Cover?

  • Theft prevention
  • Counterterrorism
  • Homeland security
  • How to use limited force
  • How to respond during an emergency
  • How to communicate
  • How to provide first aid / AED / CPR
  • Detention of suspects
  • Professional ethics and conduct
  • Report writing
  • Controlling street gangs and more

The security industry offers many amazing career opportunities across the state. The opportunities are never limited, neither ends. There are over 5500 security agents in New Jersey hiring potential security guards with or without license. However, a licensed security guard gets more opportunity to work in large public and private companies and they also get an opportunity to become armed security guard in New Jersey, by undergoing an additional training program about how to handle weapons.

You are flexible to work on both part-time and full-time. Some of the remarkable roles played by security guards are;

  • Field inspectors
  • Unarmed/ armed / uniformed security guards
  • Operations managers
  • Fire safety directors
  • Security guard supervisors
  • Scheduling coordinators and more

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