Security Guard Training in Michigan


Security guard training in Michigan – Things to know to become Licensed Security Guard in Michigan

Security guards have got the prominent role to play in the Michigan state, which is growing fast. Ranking 11th in area and 9th in population, Michigan is experiencing a tremendous growth in every sector including tourism, technology and agriculture. This has in turn has given rise to many large organizations and companies, which requires high levels of security. As a result the security industry is also experiencing a growth of 10% every year. Therefore, there is a huge scope for career opportunities in this industry for security guard.

Security Guard Job Description:

The main role of a security guard is to safeguard people and the property of the employer. However, the nature of job may vary with type of company you are employed with. To point a few common duties of a security guard;

  • Protecting people and property from attacks
  • Work firmly during an emergency / fire accidents
  • Prevent theft and intrusions
  • Alert authorities during an emergency
  • Write reports
  • Control crowd and more.

A licensed security guard can expect an average income of $24,700 per annum in Michigan. He can also expect a hike in salary by at least 8% every year.

Requirements for Michigan Security License:

If you are determined to work as a professional security guard in a large and reputed organization or company, then you must hold an active Michigan security license issued by the state.

Obtaining a valid Michigan security guard license involves various processes and requirements that you need to fulfill.

The security guard business is regulated and monitored by the Public Act 330 of 1968 in Michigan State. Although the state does not stress the security guards to hold license to work in a private company, the need is emphasized for armed security guards to hold weapons, as the permit.

By undergoing a proper Security Guard Training Michigan offered by certified institutions can guide to obtain your license.

Some of the basic requirements to become eligible for the Security Guard Training Michigan are:

  • You must be 18 years of age
  • You must be the resident of Michigan and citizen of the USA
  • You must have high school diploma or an equivalent certificate
  • You must pass background check
  • Must have good physical fitness and mental abilities
  • Holding a valid Driver’s license is an added advantage
  • Good communication skills are expected by the employers

To obtain armed Michigan security guard license, in addition to the above said basic requirements;

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must pass drug test
  • Must not have committed to any felony or fraudulence
  • You must be mentally strong and able to stand for long hours

As a guide to help you apply for your security guard training in Michigan and obtain a valid license:

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