Security Guard Training in Tennessee

security-guardSecurity guard training in Tennessee- What are the Requirements and Eligibility Criteria to Know?

Tennessee is one of the popular states in the USA with many fast growing metropolitan areas. With many valleys and mountains surrounding, it is also popularly known for the growing economy that comprises many industries and organizations from various sectors. The growth in various industries of Tennessee also impacts on the growth of the security industry, which has the vital role to play in securing people and property.

Career as Security Guard in Tennessee:

 Whether you want to become an unarmed or armed security guard in Tennessee, holding a valid TN security guard license can bring you many job opportunities in both private and public companies or organizations.

It also helps you excel in your career with attractive pay.

The security guard exchange in Tennessee will take your employment serious for better job placement. Tennessee is one of the largest states in the USA, paving lot of opportunities for security guards. The state experiences about 10% of growth every year.

If you have decided to choose your career as a security guard, then that is the right decision you have taken.

What will you learn in the security guard training Tennessee?

  • Civil and criminal laws
  • Legal obligations
  • Report writing
  • Bomb threat / search procedures
  • Handing emergency situation
  • Patrol procedures
  • Handling domestic violence
  • Dealing with news media, law enforcement and public
  • Powers of arrest and more

Although most of the private companies do not require license for unarmed security guards, it is imperative to hold a valid Tennessee armed security guard license to work as armed security guard, for which you may have to attend additional training classes and get certified to handle or use weapons. This license must be renewed once in every 2 years.

Basic Qualification for security guard training in Tennessee:

  • Applicant must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be the citizen of the USA and a resident of Tennessee
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Hold a high school or equivalent certificate
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Complete training program with a minimum hour specified by the state
  • Must submit proof of residency for past 5 years
  • Free from felony

Besides these qualifications, a security guard must also have other qualifications like;

  • Good communication skills
  • Good moral character
  • Able to stand for long hours
  • No physical or mental disabilities
  • Must strictly follow state law and regulations of security guard

Requirements to become Unarmed Security Guard:

To obtain your unarmed Tennessee security guard license, there are some basic qualifications to be fulfilled and they include:

  • Minimum 4 hour Tennessee security guard training in a state recognized institution
  • The state also requires the candidate to undergo 9 hours minimum certification classroom training
  • Armed security guard must complete 8 hours additional weapon / classroom training

As a guide to help you know more about obtaining your security guard license and training;


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