Security Guard Training in South Carolina

Eligibility Criteria to become Professional Security Guard in South Carolina
The need for South Carolina security guard license is emphasized to become a professional security guard. The role of security guards differs with the company and placement.  Moreover, the responsibility and duties of the security guards also differ greatly with states and the company employed.  The security guards have their major responsibility of preventing criminal activities, prevent loss, inspect, patrol and adjust or monitor security equipments. According to the projection of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate of security guards in South Carolina is increasing by 10%.

The candidates with valid security guard license south Carolina has a good prospect in the security industry. According to the statistics of Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 14,380 security guards are employed in South Carolina every year with the average annual wage of $26,650.

Eligibility Requirements for South Carolina security guard license:

To obtain a valid South Carolina security guard license, the candidate must meet certain eligibility requirements. Any company hiring security guards expects the candidates to hold a valid South Carolina security license to work. Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age for unarmed and 21 years for armed security guard licensing
  • You must be the citizen of USA and registered residents of South Carolina
  • You must not have any felony convictions
  • You must physically and mentally healthy
  • You must pass the background and finger print check
  • You must complete SLED training
  • You must be capable of standing for long hours
  • You must hold a valid school diploma, certificate or equivalent
  • You must have good moral characters
  • You must pass drug test

What is SLEDSouth Carolina security guard training?

The SLED – South Carolina Law Enforcement Division training contains courses on:

  • State laws and regulation
  • Proper use of forces
  • Crowd control
  • Ethics and legal issues

Candidates seeking for armed security guard license south Carolina must undergo an addition 4 hours of training provided by the certified SLED firearm trainers.

The South Carolina security guard training curriculum includes:

  • Role of private security
  • Responding to an incident
  • Legal aspects
  • Private security roles
  • Responding to an emergency
  • Communication and public dealings
  • Observation and patrol
  • Customer service issues like working with and addressing public issues
  • Security resources like documentation and operating surveillance equipments
  • First aid overview and more

Useful resources

To know more about the security guard training in South Carolina and Licensing, here are some useful resources:

Career One Stop Information –

For more information about security guard application in South Carolina:

SLED Headquarters,

4400 Broad River Road

Columbia, SC 29210.

Phone: (803) 896-7015

Email: mailto:


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