Security Guard Training in North Carolina

A Guide to Become Professional Security Guard in North Carolina

 North Carolina is one of the fastest growing states in the USA, in both population and economics. Many new large organizations and sectors are emerging in the state, which in turn emphasizes on the need for huge numbers of qualified and licensed security guards. This has led to the growth of the security industry, by recruiting and employing more professionals with the valid Security Guard License North Carolina.

Although the security industry welcomes all potential candidates, it is important to hold an appropriate Security Guard License North Carolina.

Requirements for North Carolina Security Guard License:

To obtain a valid North Carolina Security License and get employed in a recognized organization, here are some eligibility requirements to be fulfilled;

  • You must be at least 18 years of age for unarmed and 21 years for armed security guard
  • You must be the citizen of the USA and legal resident of North Carolina
  • You must complete North Carolina Security Guard Training, as established by the state
  • You must have good moral characters and communication skills
  • You must be in good physical and mental health
  • You must submit finger print and pass background checks by the FBI
  • You must hold valid high school diploma certificate or equivalent
  • You must pass physicals
  • You must pass the written test for licensing covering, evidence handling, crime prevention, emergency procedures and more
  • You must hold a valid driver’s license
  • You must not have any felony convictions
  • You must be alcohol or drug dependent

Every potential candidate must undergo and complete 16 hours North Carolina Security Guard Training to become qualified for the North Carolina Security License. You must also periodically renew and keep your license active before it expires to continue in the industry.

What does Security Guard Training in North Carolina include?

The Security Guard Training in North Carolina syllabus includes:

  • Ethical and legal issues faced by security guards
  • How to respond to an emergency situation
  • Patrol procedures
  • Controlling crowds
  • Writing reports to higher officers
  • Improving communications
  • Deportment
  • Patrol and observation
  • Operating advanced surveillance devices and more

A qualified candidate with North Carolina Security Guard License can work in various sectors like finance, IT, research and many others. There is a huge requirement of qualified security guards with license in both private and public sectors.

A potential security guard passing Security Guard Training North Carolina and licensing, can expect about $ 27, 500 as an annual salary.

According to the Bureau of Statistics the employment opportunity for qualified and licensed security guards in North Carolina is expected to increase by 12% from 2012 to 2022.

Useful Resources to know more about Security Guard Training North Carolina and licensing:

To know more about security guard licensing and training program established by the state, visit:

Private Protective Services Board

P.O. Box 29500 3320 Old Garner Rd. Raleigh,

NC 27626-050

Phone: 919 431-300


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