Security Guard Training in Florida

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Florida is one of the most populous states in the entire nation, creating ample opportunities for different employments. This also includes security guard jobs in Florida, which features the duties like operating security equipments, screening passengers at airport and monitoring warehouse or retail to prevent theft or fire accidents. However, to become a security guard in this Sunshine State, you need to hold Florida Class D Security License, which is issued by, Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing.

Florida Security Guard License:

There are some basic requirements to be fulfilled to become a security guard. The candidate must undergo Security Guard Training and obtain Class D license Florida to work as a professional security guard.

Benefits of Becoming Licensed Security Guard:

  • Get paid more, as you are a professional security guard
  • Get more career opportunities in large companies
  • You can show your professionalism
  • Continue with education
  • Mean difference in serving

How and Where to Obtain Security Guard License in Florida?

To become a professional security guard, you must complete Class D Florida security guard license, which requires you to undergo a specially conducted training course.

Remember, before you apply for the security jobs, you must hold a valid security license; therefore the importance of obtaining a license is emphasized strongly.

How to Obtain Class D Security License in Florida? – A step by Step Guide

  • First, determine if you meet all the basic requirements and educational qualifications to become a security guard in Florida
  • Choose the Class of Security License, and Class D is very common in Florida (M or MB Class is for people managing security agency and Class G is for security guards carrying a firearm)
  • Enroll in the security training class and Class D license will take 24 hours
  • You must have special skills to become qualified

What will you learn in Class D Training to gain Special Skills:

  • You will learn to write reports
  • Observe activities happening around you
  • Learn to prevent crime and accidents
  • Learn to use the force / gun
  • Legal liabilities
  • Learn to give first-aid and suppress fire
  • Interviewing techniques, defensive tactics
  • Traffic direction and crowd control and more

Where to Obtain Security Guard License Florida?

As the procedure, you must first obtain an application either online or directly visiting the office, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

For online application, visit the site and Click “Licensing, Permits and Registrations”.


Contact one of the eight regional offices or the department to get the application


Call to the Public Inquiry Section at (850) 245 – 5691

You can get the application without any fee for Class D and Class G licenses.

Every application will have a tracking number to ease you check the status.

Eligibility Requirements for Class D License:

The basic eligibility requirements for Security guard training Tampa are:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must be the citizen of US or have the authority to work in the US
  • Must provide a valid residence address, however, A.P.O Box will not be considered
  • Must have completed required training program
  • Have no criminal records and have good moral characters

Certification Requirements for Security Guard Training in Florida:

Class D is for unarmed security guard, whereas Class G is for armed security guard license. To get either of the licenses, you must:

  • Complete 40 hours training at the recognized Security Officer School, which is licensed by Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Training has different choices: 40 hours, 24 hours and 16 hours, which must be completed within 180 days of submitting your application

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