Armed Security Guard Training in Florida


Want to become an Armed Security Guard in Florida? – Here is a Guide for You

Florida ranking 4th in population and with the different verticals of growth in industrial sectors, infrastructure and in the overall growth of state’s economy, is emerging as the leading state in the nation. There numbers of IT companies, renowned educational institutions, and health care organizations are increasing hugely.

The growth also emphasizes on the need for increased security and protection to people and properties, which in turn has paved the way for more job opportunities security market.

If you are the one striving to serve people and the society with pride and courage, then the security guard jobs in Florida are there for you.

How to become an Armed Security Guard in Florida?

Whether you want to become an unarmed or

Where you want to become an unarmed or armed security guard in Florida, there are some basic qualifications and requirements to be fulfilled. Obtain an appropriate license in imperative to serve as a professional security guard in a reputable organization or government office.

Here we see about how to become an armed security guard in Florida:

Basic Details to Know before you proceed with:

As the foremost requirement, the armed security guard must obtain Class G license.

  • You must attend armed security guard training, which also includes firearms training.
  • On completion of successful training, State Department of Agriculture will issue your Class G license.

Requirements to Work as Armed Security in Florida:

 As the preliminary requirement, the candidate must first complete Florida Statewide Firearms License course. 

  • To obtain Class g license Florida, you must attend the firearms training course.
  • To apply for the armed security guard job, you must necessarily hold Security D License Florida.
  • Join an institution that offers formal armed security guard training in Florida.

Qualifications for Class G License Course:

Armed security guards with G License are allowed to carry firearms that they qualified during the course. Candidates passing their final exams and range qualifications will obtain the completion certificate, which they need to provide to the Division of Licensing, while applying for Class “G” Statewide Firearms License. Moreover, you will also receive a completion certificate for CCW Permit – Concealed Weapon License.

Eligibility Requirements for Armed Florida Security Guard License:

To become qualified for a Florida security guard license, you must be:

  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Citizen of USA.
  • Have a valid social security number.
  • Pass criminal background check.
  • Hold Class D security guard license.

 Class G Training:

 You must undergo the required class g security license Florida training program for the specified period.

However, there is some exemption in training hour, if you are a licensed private investigator, police officer, military personnel or peace officer.

  • You must complete 28 hours Class G Training
  • Training includes classroom and fire range
  • Training must be conducted within 12 months of submitting your license application

This license training includes weapon license requirements by the State of Florida Division of Licensing –

What will the Training teach you?

  • Use force
  • Handle legal issues
  • Gun safety
  • Handling weapons
  • Tackling weapon malfunctions
  • Fundamentals and Life fire marksmanship training
  • Firearms mechanics

Visit to know more details of obtaining Class G Security Guard License Florida

To become an unarmed security guard in florida or to take up Class D Security License.

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