Security Guard Training in Arkansas

valur_2009_260x228Security Guard Training in Arkansas – Become a Licensed Armed Security Guard in Arkansas

Arkansas situated in the southern region of the USA, is the one of the most populous state. Arkansas is the main hub for major businesses, government activities and companies, culture and transportation. The rapid growth of the state stresses on the need for security industry in every sector. If you are trying to get into the security industry, then you have taken the right decision.

There is a huge requirement for both unarmed and armed security jobs in Arkansas, however, it is imperative to complete certain training programs to obtain your license as a security guard.

Becoming Security Guard in Arkansas – Qualification Requirements:

 A qualified and licensed security guard plays the vital role. He has the major responsibilities and duties to protect the private and public property and people. The job nature may vary widely with the type of industry you are employed in.

A security guard may work as a;

  • Armored car guard.
  • Warehouse guard.
  • Transportation screener.
  • Surveillance officer and more.

On obtaining your license, you get opportunities for security jobs in little rock ar to work in;

  • Federal offices.
  • State offices.
  • Colleges and schools.
  • Museums, art galleries and other major places.
  • Malls / shopping complexes.
  • Government / private organizations and in many other places.

Although most of the private companies or organizations seeking unarmed security guards do not emphasize on the license, it is still required to be employed as an armed security guard in Arkansas.

The potential applicant must meet the basic qualifications, according to the state’s requirements.

Requirements for Armed Security Guard Training in Arkansas / License

 Compared to the unarmed, armed security guard requires more security guard training in Arkansas. You need to undergo weapon training to become qualified as a professional and get permission to carry firearm. This also stresses on the need to undergo a complete background check, no felony conviction, and fingerprint.

The license Arkansas security license for armed guard is valid for 4 years. The basic requirements for the armed Arkansas security guard license include:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must be citizen of the USA or have legal right to work.
  • Must have completed the state certified training for the specified hours.
  • You must possess high school diploma or any equivalent certificate.

What will you learn in the training program for armed security guard in Arkansas?

  • How to handle ethical and legal issues.
  • How to react during medical emergencies.
  • How and when to use weapons.
  • Learn about the legal limits of force in Arkansas.
  • Learn about the professionalism in your work environment.
  • No-lethal force.

Other basic qualifications for Security guard jobs in Arkansas:

  • You must hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Must be able to stand for long hours.
  • Have good physical and mental condition.

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