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2635Security Guard Training in Arizona – Eligibility and Qualification to become Security Guard in Arizona

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the USA.  This rapid growth has in turn created tons of job opportunities in the security industry. If you have decided to enter security industry, then you have taken the right decision.

Here follows some valuable information to guide you to become a professional unarmed or armed security guard in Arizona.

Where do Security Guards Work?

The main duty of a security guard is to protect people from theft, terrorism and other disturbing activities. They also have the duty to protect the properties from damages or theft.

They have the prime responsibility to ensure the safety of residents, employees and the property where they are employed. They are majorly employed in:

  • Shopping malls
  • Banks
  • Transportation centers
  • Entertainment venues
  • Public museums
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate companies / organizations

To get Security jobs in Arizona, you must undergo certain courses and training and get a license.

Security Guard Training

There are many institutions providing Arizona Security Guard Training, however, you must ensure if they are affiliated with the state and licensed to provide training for the individuals desired to become a security guard.

Security guard training is provided according to the industry standards regulated by the state by the licensed agencies. You are trained only by high-ranking instructors with extensive knowledge of security. They also follow specific teaching methods, especially P-D-R – Practice-Drill-Rehearse, which makes security guards get a thorough understanding of their responsibilities and duties.

Training Requirements:

  • You must undergo a 8 hour training
  • Your training program covers, use of force, communication skills, criminal law, ethics, first responses and general procedures

Duties of a Security Guard:

Primarily, company or clients look for only motivated and qualified personnel with good moral characters for the unarmed or armed security jobs in Arizona. They may have to work in any challenging environments to protect people and property. They must also know to protect themselves during an emergency situation.

Who can apply for Security Guard Jobs in Arizona?

  • Ex-military man
  • Law enforcement candidates
  • Individuals determined to serve and protect the people

How to become a security guard in Arizona?

There are certain requirements to be fulfilled to become a security guard. If you are strongly determined to get Security guard jobs in phoenix AZ, and then here are the requirements;

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be a citizen of the USA
  • Must have completed at least high school graduation or equivalent
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must have good moral characters

Besides these fundamental requirements, you must also attend proper training to obtain Arizona security guard license, without which you cannot enter into the industry.

Where and how to get training and license?

You can find reliable and licensed security guard training institutions in Arizona, online.

However, to know more details about the security guard license and apply for it, visit:

To know the current status of your license application:


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