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How to Become a Licensed Security Guard –  A Complete Guide

How many does really prefer choosing their career as a security guard?

There is no need to explain and emphasize the importance of a good security system. Of course, everybody is aware of the rapidly increasing crime reports and the innovative methods employed to control crimes. Only a person who expects a challenging job can meet out the present day security demands and there is no doubt that security guards are the most revered people of this modern day society.

Becoming the best professional in this field needs good training; a training that is capable of bringing out the full potential of the already brave person into a real life hero, converting their abilities into beneficial activities and molding their overall personality into an active shield of safeguarding for society. This type of training, apart from conducting exams, providing certificates and arranging for licenses is very much required to meet the highly increasing demand for good security guards.

Check your suitability as a Security Guard  

 If you are a bold and courageous person with a natural concern about the security of your people, then this is the right job for you. Security guard is a highly responsible as well responsive job; he is committed to ensure the safety and security of the people, building, valuables and the company, where he is employed.

In addition to giving complete security, he is also responsible in preventing theft. He is expected to be highly alert and act intelligently in case of an emergency.

A security guard may not necessarily have high academic qualifications, but needs to be responsible and mature; more importantly, he must hold Security Industry Authority licenses to serve. Personally, most of the companies and individuals seeking security guards prefer them to be not only courageous, matured, alert but also helpful and polite.

What is the Role of a Security Guard?

The actual security guard job description will differ according to the type of company and position he is employed in. For instance, an armed guard and an unarmed guard have different sets of responsibilities. Some security guards need to work stationary, while some on patrol.

Qualities and Skills of a Security Guard:

However, a certain set of skills and qualities that are general can be included in security guard job description.

  • A Security guard must have reasonable physical fitness
  • Security Guard must be honest, matured and responsible.
  • In addition, a Security Guard must be helpful and polite
  • Security Guard must be capable of writing short reports and firmly follow the written and given instructions
  • Confident in handling challenging people
  • Capable of making quick decisions
  • Capable of dealing with any unexpected situations, especially in an emergency condition
  • Capable of working with any modern and standard technical equipments like CCTV

Duties of a Security Guard:

A security guard can work in any kind of organization; however, exact duty varies by industry. Some of the roles of a security guard are:

  • Securing, monitoring and patrolling the premises
  • Guard valuables and cash in the security vehicle, particularly while traveling between different locations
  • Supervising on entrance, particularly for large companies
  • Work as an airport security to guard airport boundaries, search aircraft, passengers and luggage.

Essential Requirements for Security Guard Jobs

The security guard jobs have certain requirements to be fulfilled.

As said, security guard jobs do not require high academic qualification, but it may require a strong basic education, which will be helpful to the officer in many occasions. Candidates with previous experience working in armed forces and police department can be considered for security guard jobs.

Before employing a person, the employers will check the personal and work history for at least the past 10 years.

A Security Industry Authority (SIA) license is required to get jobs through an agency or contractor. To become qualified for the SIA license, the basic qualifications are:

  • Candidate must be 18 years or over
  • Be the resident / citizen of U.S
  • He must pass FBI background, identity checks and criminal record checks
  • Submit fingerprints through the L-1 enrollment services
  • Take 8 –hour pre-assignment training and pass to apply for Department of State for Security Guard Registration Card
  • He must complete relevant SIA training and get certified

Security Guard Training

Security guard training is offered with regular training program. People can also take up security guard training online, which is flexible to many officers or trainees who cannot attend regular classes. The online security guard training has much flexibility to offer and to point a few;

  • They can take up the training 24/7
  • Learn from own place
  • Online materials are easy to follow
  • There are no extra fees to pay

There are also training institutions and security guard companies offering free security guard training, which encourages many vibrant and young people to choose their career as a security guard.  

 Some of the security guard training offered in New York includes:

  • 8 hours pre-assignment training
  • 16 hours on the job training
  • 8 hours annual in-service training
  • 47 hour firearms training
  • 8 hours annual firearms training

On completing the training and obtaining the security guard certification, candidate can apply to security guard companies to get placed with good packages.

Armed Security Guard Training

If the candidate desires to become an armed security guard, then he needs to proceed to the next level of training and certification to obtain a permit or license to carry firearm.

The armed security guard training is intensive and of course the pass rate of those who take up the tests is very less.

The training program and examinations are mostly based on firing assortments and hence they will be provided with weapons during the training period.

You get basic knowledge of handling the weapons and get to know the laws included.

Unarmed Security Guard Training

Distinguished from armed security guard, unarmed security guard training will train the guards become skilled in patrolling and inspecting to prevent theft and vandalism.

During the training program, candidates will learn about the company protocols, laws and procedures. He may have to undergo the on-job training for several weeks and work independently.

Getting the valuable Security Guard License:

The requirements and procedure for getting a security guard license differ by states. There are also different levels of background and identity checks included in the process.

To know more about obtaining a security guard license, candidates can call the Security Guard Exchange center and talk to the experienced professionals to get detailed instructions regarding the entire process and qualifications required.

Understanding the complete requirements, qualifications and procedures are essential to obtain a security guard license and enter into this ever busy security market; which will always be bustling with lots of job opportunities in various industries with excellent pay.